Make commuting fun and cheaper sharing rides with people you like who make similar routes.
Save Money

Share expenses with people with similar rutes. Offer seats available in your car or take one of the thousands of routes that already exist in the community.

Flexible and Safe

You decide when and with whom to share. Integration with Facebook allows you to check if you have friends in common with another person or see their profile before deciding if you want to share with them.

Frequent or Occasional Travel

Travel out of town or daily trips to work or place of study, you can always make it more convenient and entertaining with AllRide!

Easy Coordination

See in real time where the driver is coming through or where the other passengers are to facilitate the meeting and punctuality.

1 -Publish

Post your route in the system or search among the thousands of routes already available.

2 - Connect

Check among route suggestions which ones work for you, and follow the ones that interest you.

3 - Coordinate

Coordinate a meeting point and details in the chat. Alert with one click when you are about to leave.

4 - Ride

Share your location with your passengers to facilitate meeting and punctuality.

Start sharing your ride!

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